10 things I’ve learned this month


YAY – IT’S NOVEMBER! Well, I don’t want to drag on this intro too much but basically I wanted to write down 10 things that I learned this past month in October. I think it’s really important to reflect in shorter increments than just the past year and it also helps me stay a bit more organized.

I also like to recap things I’ve done in the past month as it helps me become a bit more grateful instead of just breezing through everything and always looking for what’s next, you know?


Lately, I’ve been feeling like my body (gut, limbs etc.) internalises things so much differently than my brain does. Almost like my body is sometimes trying to tell me something but I don’t necessarily acknowledge it because my brain would disagree or the “facts” would disagree. Does that make sense? I’ve been noticing a lot lately that when I am stressed.. I may not necessarily say I am – yet my body is showing so many signs of inflammation and not running optimally. Trying to do better at listening to what is not being said…

2) INSPIRATION CAN COME RUSHING IN.. and then easily fade away!
Sometimes I am so incredibly inspired yet overwhelmed and I am rolling with momentum and ideas and it’s all just oozing out. Then something shitty happens or someone says something shitty and bit by bit the confusion, self-doubt and insecurity starts to chip away at my glow. I am trying to get better at managing all of these emotions and keeping the highs and the low in absolute check.

3) LIFE CAN BE (freakishly) SHORT AND (incredibly) SAD
This is always true; but lately it’s been eerily true since I’ve been listening to ‘Terrible. Thanks for asking’ podcast. It’s so good and so sad and also funny and yeah… Life is short. If you listen, then you’ll understand.

UGH! You would think (or maybe nt) but as a blogger this shit is sooooo true. Ridiculously true. You can’t help it, sometimes. You spend SO much time on the internet and social that the insecurity and doubt and envy can come creeping in real thick sometimes. I need constant reminders when I’m feeling low that my path is my path and what’s for me won’t pass me and I am intelligent, radiant and deserving of whatever I want and whatever I’m willing to work for.

This is something that I’m still learning (and probably will always be) but it’s a really good lesson and probably key to living past 85 and keeping your edges. Assume people aren’t assholes – always look for the silver lining and assume that maybe she’s not shading you and it’s a slight miscommunication. #NoteToSelf #StayOutOfYourFeelings

6) YOU DON’T NEED PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN YOU.. although it’s super nice
Opinions matter …but they don’t and regardless of what someone says; Stay true to you! Take all opinions with a grain of salt and remember that an opinion is singular and it’s only one persons thought. Doesn’t make it true, factual or accurate. Don’t let it bring you down, don’t let it eat you up.

7) YOU WILL ATTRACT AAAAAAAND YOU WILL REPEL (and it’s a really fucking good thing!)
The more you continue to build you community – people will come and flock, but people will also divert and leave. THIS IS PART OF THE PROCESS. I am not here for everyone.. I am who I am. Loud, quiet, stylish, basic, a beauty junkie yet never wears makeup to work unless there’s something important going on lol, sarcastic, opinionated and also a permanent IDGAF attitude, someone who curses and enjoys it ETC ETC ETC.

If that’s for you – YAY, welcome! Come over here so I can give you a virtual hug and let’s talk about how I can’t breakup with Zara (even when I try really hard), gentrification throughout the western world, how Sephora’s VIB Rouge program has gone downhill and the pros/cons of the new Instagram algorithm! But for if and when that’s not for you.. it’s okay, you’re okay – let’s drift to find our like-minded loves. The more you bring in, you’ll push away too and IT’S ALL OK, IT’S ALL GOOD, IT’S ALL HEALTHY.

10 things i learned in october 2017

Reading allows my overly stimulated mind to relax, even for a bit and focus on something else without feeling guilty about it.. *cough* TV *cough*. I love to learn and the way I retain information the best is via books. I’ve learned to lean on them more when I’m stressed out and it helps me re-focus and get inspired again. Book reviews are also coming very soon to SimplyShantel.com so get excited!!!

Seriously, I did a blood test and my Doctor told me lol and gave me a prescription version (50,000 IUs lol) to take for 8 weeks.. Why haven’t I taken them though?!?!?! #Ugh

10) IT’S PERFECTLY OK TO BE SAD… just don’t stay there for too long
I am definitely someone who believes in ‘a good cry’. Crying is huuuuge release for me and while I genuinely have to be sad (or upset) for the tears to start rolling, I think it’s healthy for me. The issue comes when that looming sad feeling stays around a bit longer than I prefer and I start to get annoyed by it.

Then I know it’s time for a switch up.. I usually lean towards reading, good music or something really funny (Family Guy or Seinfeld usually works for me).. that usually pushes me in the right direction.

10 lessons that i've learned in october

Have you learned anything this past month or this year? Tell me on Instagram! Also, do you like posts like this? A lil bit lengthy and probably full of grammatical errors but it’s from the heart lol!