10 Things About Me


Blogging, can and should lead to creating true, authentic connections and building community with others so here are 10 things about me, that you definitely don’t know!

– I am obsessed with Law & Order SVU (Benson & Stabler for liiiife!) and a lot of other criminal/law-based shows. You would actually think that I am an aspiring Lawyer/Cop or a psycho
– I find solace in books. I believe that books are the answer to all of life’s problems! I feel like the next clue/explanation for my life is hidden in a book that I am going to read
– I love meeting new people, but I would say that I am more of an introvert
– I believe in crying. I allow myself to feel my sadness and work through it, whether that’s an hour or a week…

10 things about me

– I am incredibly loyal. Almost to a fault, definitely a strength and a weakness
– I have the most dynamic music taste of anyone I know
– The colour Red is a neutral for me. There is no colour that makes me feel more incredible – naturally, it’s my fave
– When I was a child, I wanted to be a Doctor – an Anesthesiologist, to be specific

black fedora

– I value quality female friendships slightly more than I value the relationship of a significant other
– I believe you can have it all (the career, the kids, the man, the LIFE etc.), but it won’t be the way you imagined and it won’t be all at the exact same time

red and black outfit

Forever21 Sweater, Fedora | Garage Clothing Denim | Michael Kors Purse, Watch | Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps | Stila Lipstick | Photos by HiOnFashion

Now what about you! What is something that most people don’t know about you? Or can you relate to one of my facts? Tell me in the comments below!


..As always thanks for stopping by & reading, yo!