10 blog post ideas for Fashion Bloggers


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Hey y’all! This post is for my content creators …we’ve all been there! You’re sitting at your desk (or the coffee shop) and you’ve got your dashboard open and ….. nothing.

You’ve got absolutely nothing to say.. but you want to blog! You want to post something, right?

I feel you. I gotchu. Here are 10 quick things to post about..when you just can’t get it together lol!

– Your monthly favorites (this is typically a YouTube thing but show your readers what you’ve been loving lately)

– 8 pieces to INVEST in this season

– 1 piece, 3 ways (style one item in your closet in 3 different ways – also a fun activity for IG stories)

– Best stores to shop for on a budget

– Summer/Fall/Winter outfits under $100, under $250, under $500 (depending on what your readers respond to)

– How to build a capsule wardrobe for _____? (Insert the season) (This is great for minimalists!)

– How do you edit your Instagram pictures?

– Favorites apps for editing Instagram pictures?

– 4 items that you bought and REGRETTED (I actually love seeing posts like these!)

– What to wear to ____? A wedding? A corporate job interview? A baby shower?

blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

Did you like this list? If you did, SAVE IT TO PINTEREST!

Hopefully, this helps you get out of your writers block, asap! Also, if you want me to do any one of these – send me note on Instagram!