Pre-Fall Florals

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love shopping, I mean you really can’t be a style blogger if you don’t thoroughly love hunting, shopping and spending some cold, hard-earned cash on new threads. However, I especially love shopping while on vacation – even if it’s a store that is in my hometown, I still love seeing it in a different city, or continent with a totally different staff, vibe and feel.
Most importantly, I love being able to look in my closet and see pieces that I’ve picked up on various trips and it always brings me back to how amazing (or unfortunate) my experience may have been.

Case in point, I bought this dress from the now slightly-defunct, Juicy Couture (don’t even get me started on that ..cue the waterworks!) while on vacation in Honolulu back in 2014. I was looking for a drop-waist dress for quite a while, but couldn’t find any that I was really in love with. I was casually browsing through the racks when I saw this guy and knew I had to have it ..I styled it in-store with a faux fur vest and was OBSESSED.. still am, TBH. This dress is super versatile, I can easily wear it in the Spring/Summer with sandals like I am here or dress it up for the Fall/Winter with tights, faux fur and OTK boots. With blogging, fast fashion becomes even faster and as soon as something arrives by the time you’ve scrolled through Insta enough – you’re already sick of it!

Not only does this dress give me amazing flashbacks of my time spent in Honolulu but it also always answers my question of what to wear.. Can you really ask for more?!

Do you typically shop more or less when you’re on vacation? Do you have any pieces that bring back amazing memories? Let me know down below!


  • Lady B

    Shantel, your florals are PoppN’ as is your floral bag…omg JCouture called it quits, I had no idea…I do like to shop when I travel but it depends where I am…when I see my sis in Virginia I kinda don’t bother buuuut when I go to Nigeria, and Lagos and P.H especially I go nuts- I love buying affordable African made pieces etc. Happy to have discovered a fab new blogger- YOU! Thanks for the insightful comment you left on my blog yesterday ( :

    • Thanks babe! Yes, JC will forever be a classic – but there is nothing like finding new pieces on vacation!


  • Siffat Haider

    This is such a great transitional dress, I love the colour palette!