Highs and Lows

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I look at these pictures and I actually have to laugh! They were taken maybe a full 2.5 months ago before my life got a bit scattered and I let it painfully take control of some of the things I hold dear… including this space, my blog and my digital property.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was pretty quiet there as well – only really posting when truly inspired, like my trip to Dubai or on Christmas with my family. I’m glad that I took sometime off to reflect rather than creating content just to fill some imaginary quota or goal. My path in blogging has been a bit unconventional and I’ve come to realize, that it will continue to be that way – I am only interested in pursuing this career if it’s 100% authentic and true to me, if it’s not then why bother? I could follow many different pursuits, where I am more likely to feel invisible, under appreciated and a flurry of other similar feelings.

On the other hand, I do recognize that with those various undesirable pursuits, showing up and giving 100% each and everyday is the bare minimum, mediocre if you will. Myleik Teele says “The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.” And I am pursuing my commitment of consistency and greatness in ALL areas of my life – SimplyShantel.com included.

As much as people will agree/disagree on creating New Year resolutions.. I do like the idea of a fresh start and while I do agree that it could happen at anytime, nothing feels as good as a New Year! A solid chunk of time to really gather your thoughts and track REAL progress in your life with time to slip and slide and eventually get back on track.

So I guess in a way these pictures remind me of what was, what I failed to do and where I don’t want to go but also the progress I’ve made and being able to both hold myself accountable, re-route and move forward.

I apologize if this post is a bit scattered and riddled with grammatical errors – I was truly speaking from the heart + soul.

If you have any – What are your resolutions for 2017?


  • You look so beautiful in your red dress, Shantel! I love your dress, your hair and those heels! Stunning!!


  • This red dress is hugging you in the right place and it’s so flattering on you. Happy New Year Gorgeous. I don’t do new year resolutions I do more of daily resolutions if that makes any sense.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    • Thanks Bernie! Yes, daily goals are great – even better than annual ones because it keeps you on track and accountable – good for you!


  • Rach

    You look amazing in this red dress!! So Stunning! I’m with ya and something about the new year is inspiring to have to a fresh start!


    • Thanks Rach! This Forever21 find was such a steal and when I tried it on, I was SO impressed.


  • Lady B

    Happy New Year, that dress makes your assets look Boom Boom POW!!!! When it comes to blogging, you have to do what works for you but it can be hard coz the industry is soooo aggressive and competitive. Everyone and their Mama emailing you about how they can boost your Insta follows to millions. Hisssss! 2016 for me was a diabolical messs so I have to make lots of changes for 2017, it gets me quite stressed actually but I’m trying to take it in my stride ( :

    • Yes girl! I couldn’t agree more – there are so many different directions to go and a new rule will refute an old one, so my goal is to stay focused and run my own race because that’s all I can do. Focus on the work and everything else will come in due time – Good Luck!


  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Could we take a minute to appreciate your hair?! AH-mazing! <333

    Edye | Gracefulcoffee.com

    • Thanks Edye! I’ve retreated back to black for now.. but the Blue is always in the back of my mind!